Thursday, February 20, 2014

Various reasons to change your name under Ohio law.

There are various reasons to change your name under Ohio law, most often it is events such as marriage or divorce.  The choice to change your name at the time of divorce can signify the moving forward in one’s life.
In a divorce case, the wife may request to be restored to her maiden name, and the court may then include the name change in the final divorce decree.   This process is cost effective and convenient when included as part of a divorce action.
Otherwise, a person can file a probate court action for a formal name change by filing an application requesting a name change in the local probate court, getting a hearing date for a hearing on your petition for a name change, and publishing notice of your petition and hearing date in a local newspaper of general circulation once at least 30 days before the hearing on the application.  The name change applicant will have to testify at the court hearing as to their reasons for requesting the name change.  A person cannot request and obtain a name change for the purpose of avoiding creditors, evading criminal prosecution or investigation, or for other fraudulent purposes.
If a parent seeks to apply for a name change for their children, the parent will have to serve a copy of the petition and notice of the hearing date on the other parent or file the other parent’s written consent to the name change.  Courts will consider the reasons for requesting the name change and may grant the petition upon a showing of good cause.

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